According to the World Health Organization, 2 billion people across the globe rely on contaminated water sources. Dr. Cody Friesen, founder of SOURCE and Fulton Engineering professor saw this problem, and developed the SOURCE® Hydropanel, a device which can extract water vapor from ambient air to create clean, potable water using the power of the sun. 

Cody Friesen joins the OnTrack podcast to discuss materials science, entrepreneurship, the ASUIO competition, and how he came to develop the hydropanel. 

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Watch the video, click here. 

Show Highlights:

  • Cody Friesen and materials science
  • SOURCE and the search renewable water 
  • Alarming statistics: clean drinking water and foodborne illness
  • SOURCE Hydropanels: how they work and what they do
  • Why hydropanels are a massive multidisciplinary problem
  • The worldwide impact of SOURCE Hydropanel technology
  • ECEDHA (The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Association)
  • Entrepreneurship and the ASUIO competition 
  • Apples, Soundskrit, and chip-scale LIDAR
  • Trends in PCB Design amid the rise of Electrical Engineers
  • EEs and cross disciplinary synergy

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Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone.

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