Stephen Chavez is a leader at a military aerospace company, former Marine, CID and CID+ instructor as well as an Executive board member of the IPC designers council. With 28 years in the industry and heavily involved with IPC, Stephen has a passion for PCB design and fabrication. If you want to keep learning or get involved in the industry, Stephen will encourage you to get connected, step out of your comfort zone and pay it forward. Listen in and get great tips about where to find training and how to push yourself to keep learning.

Listen to the Stephen Chavez Podcast or watch the video here 

Show Highlights:

The Best Professional Development: 

  • AltiumLive Munich - learn more or register today
  • IPC APEX, San Diego - manufacturing perspective, fabricators, if you don’t have time to get into a board shop this is the place to be, machines are running live
  • PCB West  - pure design for PCB designers; content is second to none
  • DesignCon
  • Del Mar Electronics and Design Show
  • PCB Carolinas (1,000 people/ 1 day conference)
  • IPC Designers Council, etc.
  • CID Training
  • Reading--Trade magazines - UP Media (Printed Circuit Design & Fab and Circuit Assembly) and 007 iConnect - the articles and content in these magazines are the best.

Get Involved!

  • Ask around (for resources, help, mentors)
  • Take Risks and take initiative--spend money, assert yourself
  • Serve/Volunteer
  • Networking/Relationship building

Live part of everyday outside of your comfort zone

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions--others have the same questions and dont ask!
  • Expand your network, meet people
  • My network comes with me in every new relationship I build
  • Add value to others
  • Don’t sit on the sidelines


Links and Resources:

The Digital Route, November 2018 Column

Breaking the Design Data Bottleneck, interview in iConnect007

AltiumLive Munich - learn more or register today

Altium Designer 19 - learn more or call your account manager to learn more




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