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Show Highlights:

  • Steve will do several talks at DesignCon this year, including a full-day ‘Power Integrity Bootcamp.’ This year’s Bootcamp will be very exciting—Keysight will provide ADS’ for everyone to have live simulation in the room!
  • Steve’s session on Measuring Oscilloscope Voltage Probe Performance will include a demonstration of Picotests’ Gallium nitride probe calibrator, as well as two ways to accurately measure scope probes.
  • Steve will also be involved in two sessions for the youngsters: ‘How to Jumpstart your Career’, and he’ll also sit on the ‘Stump the Experts Panel’. 
  • Changes in the industry have been dramatic over the years—these days it’s all about PCB effects. The biggest impact is in automotive. Boards are very complicated, and engineers are overloaded; they want answers, and the answers are coming. To that end, we discuss why Steve is excited to be part of an upcoming solution for the future. 
  • Today, everything is interconnected; yet most simulators don’t include a voltage regulator module, even though that’s the largest source of jitter! In the future, everything will be simulated end-to-end.
  • Engineers today also struggle with lowering power supply noise, and voltage regulation is not the answer.   
  • Engineers have become too myopic and need to look at their work more holistically. They often don’t understand how their work impacts everyone else.
  • Power Engineers are the foundation of noise issues.
  • Low frequency is more problematic than high frequency. Noise travels very far, and once you create it, it can continue forever. The lower we make the repetition rate, the more likely it is to cause noise.
  • If engineers today don’t understand RF and Microwave and Analog and Power, they are going to become irrelevant.
  • The future will require us to optimize everything, just getting it right is no longer going to be sufficient.

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See What's New in Altium Designer

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