In this episode, a returning guest Gabriel Goldstein shares the electronics behind the thrills in escape rooms. He also generously gives some valuable advice on finding your niche and starting your own electronics business.

Gabriel was the former owner of Anidea Engineering and Escape Room Tech. Listen to this episode and be inspired by how he married two industries together and become the master of this very unique niche.

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    • Gabriel’s background, he is the former owner of Anidea Engineering and Escape Room Tech
    • The business of producing low-volume products - his first big project is an ARM9 with 16 mb of RAM, a PDA style learning device
    • The fascinating technology in the escape room includes off-the-shelf surveillance cameras, keyboards, and maglocks. Gabriel describes the technology behind the “magic doors”
      • They use RFID and developed their RS45-based networking system
    • A successful escape room requires an extreme collaboration of multiple skill sets that include electronics guys, theater guys, and game theory team just to name the least
    • The escape room industry is a marriage of electronics and haunt industry
    • Creating a small, showpiece project could be a gateway to a PCB design career
    • Software engineers have GitHub, while PCB designers have Arduino and Raspberry Pi
    • Gabriel wrote blogs to educate his customers about the business of producing products that sell
      • He became Mr. Networker hanging out at the Angel Forum groups and the venture capital groups
      • For about 6 years he was out there in the community to help out, give back and help build a business
      • He recommends a book from Martin Gerber – Awakening the Entrepreneur Within
  • “If you're going to take off the engineering hat and try to turn this into a business, please learn how to run a business because it's a completely different skill set”
  • Ending the conversation with a little anecdote from Gabriel, an inspiration to be in the business mindset and going for the American Dream


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