The OnTrack Podcast is pleased to welcome Ken Wyatt (also known as the ‘EMC Doctor’). Ken began his career as a designer in the aerospace industry, and later worked for Hewlett Packard, where he found that his background in RF and Microwave engineering helped prepare him for his role as an Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Engineer. His work has since taken him all over the world, where he develops and provides in-house training and delivers presentations and live demonstration; definitely unique among presenters!

Retiring early in 2008, Ken has since become a prolific author, co-authoring three books, including his latest, in which he identifies why products fail to meet EMI/EMC regulatory standards: ‘EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers’. 

Ken currently provides seminars on a variety of EMC related topics—touching on subjects not often taught at the university level. He also provides EMC consultation, EMC compliance and precompliance testing, design reviews, and training services for commercial, military/aerospace, scientific, consumer, and computing industry sectors.

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Show Highlights

  • Ken lays out his career path, from his beginnings in the aerospace industry, to his current role as a consultant.
  • ‘EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers’—a quick look at the book Ken co-authored with Patrick G. André.
  • Addressing the prevailing trends in stackups and board design in general.
  • Old habits die hard: Why the PCB is the heart of most EMI and EMC issues today, and pitfalls to avoid to move past these issues.
  • Signals as the flow of electrons in copper traces and wires: How our education may have left out the whole story with respect to high frequency design.
  • How simultaneous trends toward diminishing device size and the Internet of Things contributes to desensing and other issues on PCBs. 
  • Staying “in the know”: Keeping up with our evolving understanding of the physics of PC boards and signal propagation is always challenging. Ken lays out some ways designers can stay up to speed. 
  • Why Electromagnetic Compability programs at the university level are few and far between, and how Missouri University of Science and Technology stands out among them. 
  • Case Studies: The trouble with dog trackers and blood transfusion machines. Ken discusses some challenges he’s come across in the field.


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Short video on the book with co-author Patrick André

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Ken Wyatt on LinkedIn

Ken Wyatt on Twitter: @emc_guru


See What's New in Altium Designer

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