In this episode, we will continue with the topic of Design WITH Manufacturing, and joining us is Mike Vinson, the Chief Operating Officer at Averatek. Mike will help us understand Averatek’s advanced PCB manufacturing processes, including the technology and chemistry behind A-SAP and 3D printing.

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Show Highlights:

  • Mike Vinson's background
  • Mike explains what is an Additive Process
    • A-SAP–a semi-additive process used to make very fine features for high definition, and high density interconnects on print circuit boards.
    • The ability to add metalization other than copper, such as platinum, gold, palladium
    • 3D printing–a fully-additive process where all of the material is just added on, and nothing is subtracted away
  • Averatek’s business’s scope
    • Licensing the technology and selling the chemistry
    • The current clientele is North America
    • Efficient and secure prototyping
  • Is the 3D surface solderable?
  • MIDs or molded interconnect devices, are cool, but are they affordable?
  • Tara Dunn, Averatek’s VP in Marketing, is the primary point of contact for licensing
  • What does the economy look like for A-SAP technology? Will it be accessible, and cost-effective?
  • Mikes talks about the scalability of materials set in A-SAP technology
  • How can PCB designers take advantage of the A-SAP capabilities so that they can create more compact, smaller features, more advanced products?
  • How about a transparent substrate? Averatek has worked with transparent polyimides and has done some other transparent substrates
  • What are the things to look forward to in additive processes and the additive manufacturing realm in general?

Links and Resources:

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