The business development manager of J.A.M.E.S., Alexandre Schafer talks about the organization’s vision to push the Additively Manufactured Electronic technology to become more accessible to the industry.


Show Highlights:

  • What is J.A.M.E.S. and how did Alexandre become involved in the organization?

    • J.A.M.E.S (Jetted Additively Manufactured Electronic Sources) is an online community of professionals, stake holder, manufacturers who share the same vision of accelerating the AME technology
    • Alexadre’s AHA moment was seeing a drone’s PCB created through AME process
    • The current technology readiness level is currently between experimental and demonstration pilot phase
  • Introducing new technology to the industry has it’s challenges:
    • Influencing engineers’ mindset
    • Which design tool to use? In an ideal world a tool with both ECAD and MCAD design capabilities is necessary–a fully working 3D auto router will be amazing
    • Design standards are inexistent at the moment
  • On another note, the lack of design standards opens up to wider creative possibilities. Standardation is the enemy of freedom -Zach Peterson
  • Moving forward to future plans: Scaling up, manufacturing of the equipments and creation of additive process design rules
  • Availability of resources and current efforts to educate PCB designers through AME Academy

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