Most PCB Designers wear many hats, and one of them is to solve EMC problems.

Ken Wyatt, the EMC expert, talks about his passion for sharing his knowledge on addressing the most common EMC problems with PCB designers. Why is it important to troubleshoot it during the design process, and how can you acquire this skill that is not offered in the university? Watch now or listen on the go! 

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Watch the video, click here.

Show Highlights:

  • Ken Wyatt’s background and career transitions.
  • Ken’s inspiration for writing his books:
    • Addressing basic design issues
    • Challenges of not having full-time EMC experts
    • Focus on PCB designers
  • Ken’s book series (available on Amazon):
    • Create your Own EMC Troubleshooting Kit
    • Workbench Troubleshooting EMC Emissions
    • Workbench Troubleshooting EMC Immunity
  • What is immunity? The product should not affect the environment and the environment should not affect the product
  • Radiated Immunity, one of the biggest issues product designers face when complying with immunity
  • The rise of IOT, industry observation.
  • Expectations vs Reality when hiring university graduates for EMC-related positions.
  • Ken will be a Keynote at IEEE EMC Conference Minneapolis on September 23, 2021

Links and Resources:

EMC Seminars Website
Ken Wyatt’s Author Page on Amazon
Workbench Troubleshooting EMC Immunity (Volume 3)
Ken Wyatt’s LinkedIn Profile
Chasing the Light (Lighthouse Photography) by Ken and Sheila Wyatt

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